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InvisiLift Bra - Conceal Lift Bra

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We are overwhelmed with the tremendous success of the InvisiLift Bra and we can't thank you enough for your support. We Love you ❤️! 

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Defy gravity forever with our newly designed Invisi Lift Bra, a shoulder and halter-neck sling adhesive bra that lifts and brings the breasts together instantly. Plus, it's totally backless!!

The ultra-sticky new design keeps you feeling supported in plunge and backless clothes for a dazzling effect!

InvisiLift Bra, also known as Conceal Lift Bra is the best solution to get more sexy curves!

 Lift Pushup bra 

These innovative bras with professional fitting offer ultimate support, lifting your breasts and creating natural cleavage and strong naturally braless support.

Made of Silicon medical-grade material, they are guaranteed to be kind to the skin, breathable, and cause no irritation. They adhere to your boobs without falling off yet are easily removable when the time comes. Their discreet design allows you to wear various outfits without them being seen, even V-neck collar tops.

Attention: Beware of similar products that are actually fake -  buy exclusively on
*InvisiLift bra is not sold on Amazon!



Works well with all sizes: lifts your boobs to create natural cleavage, no matter your breast size

Skin-friendly: made from medical-grade silicone to prevent redness and irritation

Guaranteed security: adhere strongly to your boobs so you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions

Super invisible: can be worn underneath various tops and remains hidden from view


Instagram influencers Love it! 


No restriction to movement


Safe to wear during swimming or even when you sweat

Hand wash in warm water



InvisiLift is an adhesive invisible bra that lifts, shapes, and supports to create natural cleavage. By lifting your breasts 90 degrees vertically, InvisiLift bra gives the breasts a  perkier appearance while still being invisible. For occasions when a regular bra just won’t do, this Bra is perfect for wearing beneath a plunging neckline, deep V neck, and backless garments. This soft and comfortable accessory enhances your look by leaving your shoulders and back bare, while simultaneously providing the support you require when moving from place to place in your favorite low-cut top or strapless dress.


Instructions on how to use your InvisiLift Bra:

    1. Be gentle and take your time. Wipe the breasts with a warm towel. Clean all oil, dirt, and sweat from the skin. Do not use perfume, talcum powder, or breast lotion before wearing your InvisiLift Bra, as this may affect the strength of the adhesive.

    2. Gently peel off the protective plastic and save it for storage. Stand in front of a mirror, and using two hands, begin sticking your bra at the bottom outside edge of your breast then pull it up to the desired position and attach.

    3. When you have applied both pieces, press them for a  few moments to secure them further.
      Once you have removed your InvisiLift Bra, reapply the plastic protector to it.

      *To wash your InvisiLift Bra, rinse it gently with warm water and mild soap then let it air dry completely before re-using it




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